An Eternal Delicacy

and this delicate taste will follow your soul for eternity

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I fell in love with your voice.

The way it dipped and fell, and all of a sudden rose back up again in loud laughter.

Or perhaps it was your hair.

The way it changed colour when the sunlight hit it.

Or perhaps it was your hands.

The slenderness of your fingers, the gentle caress of your touch.

Or perhaps it was your eyes.

The way they could convey so much more than words ever could.

Or perhaps it was your body.

The beautiful shapes and lines it formed.

Or perhaps it was all these things that drew me in, that tied me to you, that made me fall in love.

Perhaps it was the amalgamation of all your aspects into that one beautiful being that lead me to believe that you were the one for me.

A poem.

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