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'hey you' he said.

i looked up at him, smiling. finally, he had come. i had been waiting for so long; lost and alone. but most of all i had been waiting afraid. i had finally mustered up the courage to ask. ask if he wanted to spend his free time with me, and he had said yes. astonishingly and surprisingly.

'hey yourself.' i replied, sneaking a grin.

he sat down beside me, reached for my cup of coffee and took a sip. it surprised me, his ease. he looked at me.

i raised an eyebrow in question. ‘what?’

he shook his head gently. ‘nothing, it’s just i don’t think you’ve ever looked as beautiful as you do right now.’

i thought my heart would burst. of course, he was being silly, because i had no makeup on, unwashed hair and an over-sized shirt on.


he looked at me seriously. ‘don’t laugh. you’re gorgeous.’

i smiled shyly and he reached over and squeezed my hand.

'beautiful girl, will you spend more of your free time with me?' he asked.

i could barely refrain from squealing out loud.

'i would love to, gorgeous boy.'

and we sat smiling at each other, for the rest of the day.

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