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And as the pain shot through me, all I could think of was you.

Even though you were not the one who had inflicted such agony, any thoughts of harm immediately entwined with thoughts of you.

Of the hurt you had once caused me.

So, as the pain subsides, so do my thoughts of you.

So do the memories of you.

And finally, you fade into the back of my mind.

Until I am hurt once again.

A poem.

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sometimes i look around me and am astounded by the things i see.

i see cruelty and pain.

but i also see beauty and pleasure.

the world is so two-faced.

and people say that being two-faced is bad thing.

but when it comes to this world, i believe it is the most precious and perfect thing it could be.

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bring this feeling down

down to the ground

i would prefer not to feel like this

i would prefer a moment, full of bliss.

bring this feeling down

down to the ground

the feeling of pain

of feeling insane.

bring this feeling down

down to the ground.

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another hand sways lonely, not held

another pair of lips stand alone, not kissed

another body lies cold, not touched

another tongue sits flat, not used

another arm hangs lost, not curled

another mind remains empty, not expressed

another me. and another you.

not together. alone and fighting.

but for what we are unsure

but we know there is a reason for this pain.

because, for sure, there must be a gain.

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i feel confined. i feel constricted. i feel like i can barely move. i feel like i can’t breathe. i feel like i am going to burst. o, it hurts. it hurts like someone with a knife, driving it into my heart and twisting it around, just for the pleasure of it. it hurts. so. much. i wish it would just stop. i wish it would just go away. the pain, the loss, the heartache. i wish it would leave me be, let me be happy. but it doesn’t. i hate it. it doesn’t go away and i just hate it so much.

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