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He loved her smiles best of all.

They were never the same.

They were always changing.

The smile he loved best was the one she kept for him.

The one she would use only when they were alone.

The smile she used when they were truly content.

He loved that smile best of all.

A poem.

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"i’m gonna take you away from here. i’m gonna get us away from this place. i’ve come to take you away from everything you’re afraid of, everything you hate, everything you love. i’ve come to take you away because i want you here with me more than anything and when we’re here we have to worry about stupid things. like what people think of us, and who disapproves and who we’re going to hurt. when i take you away, there won’t be any of that, because it will just be me and you."

i smiled until i thought my cheeks would never go back to normal. i smiled like i had never smiled before. i was so happy. so extremely happy.

"of course. take me away with you right now."

and you smiled just as widely as i did and we kissed.

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'in my head you loved me.'

he blinked several times before answering me.

'it was never in your head.'

i dared to look him in the eyes.

'what?' i asked.

'when you thought i loved you in your head. it wasn't. in your head, i mean. i did love you. i do love you.

it was me who blinked several times before answering.

'dear god, let it be true. because i love you too.'

he smiled then and wrapped me in his arms.

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